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We strive to be the perfect partner that provides exceptional, highly effective products for our fantastic clients.

Whether you need web design help with your small business, startup, e-commerce or blue-chip organisation, we are ready to assist.

Our people

Philip, one of our web design and web development experts


Managing Director ♦ Engineering, Design, Partnerships, Growth

A familiar face to many in the Manchester digital development scene for over a decade, Philip has been a leading figure in high-profile digital campaigns, international events and a multitude of projects with a variety of clients.

He has a varied background in web development, web design, SEO and content production. Loves: all things creative, fitness, football, learning, exploring

Rebecca, one of our web design and web development experts


Director ♦ Engineering, Design, Strategy, Content Creation

Rebecca brings with her a wealth of experience from previous positions including powerhouses such as TalkTalk and Bosch, providing a strong mixture of technical and creative talent to the team.

With a keen eye for detail and a Masters in Linguistics, she drives our output and expands our offering into new dimensions to help our clients grow. Loves: languages, hiking, music, animals

What you see is what you get with us. We combine on the frontline and in the strategy room to make sure our clients and partners are fully informed and involved. Our founders collaborate directly on web design and development while acting as your first point of contact.

How this came about

Based in Didsbury, Manchester, Polychromatic started as a one-man band in 2017 by our Managing Director Philip, who offered freelance web development consultancy, engineering and design services to an array of Manchester digital agencies and companies across the North West of England.

Fast-forward to today, and upon bringing in an additional Director in Rebecca, we have been able to expand our offering to cater for bigger and better projects for our very happy clients.

Our promise

We want to give our clients the best products on the market and the best team to work with to meet their objectives. You will always get nothing short of our unfaltering commitment and determination to help your business thrive.